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Back to College Park Parkrun

This weekend I decided to venture back to the College Park Parkrun and give myself another shot at at redemption in a 5k. The conditions today were much better than my first race. Instead of 26 degrees, today it was 42 degrees and sunny for the start. It was actually quite pleasant.


My plan for the day was to start off a bit slower and then see how things progressed for the rest of the race. Last time, I ran the first half mile way to hard. This time I swore I would be smarter. Continue reading “Back to College Park Parkrun”

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2017 the year ahead

It is hard to believe that March is already half over, spring is just around the corner and that my race season begins in a couple of months.

So what will I be doing this year?

My races will once again be focused on Spartans, but I may try to get the fall Maryland Savage race on my schedule since I have a score to settle with Sawtooth and Wheel World from that race. I am also pondering a shot at a fall marathon if I feel good coming out of Killington. Continue reading “2017 the year ahead”

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5k Fun – Parkrun College park

So I wake up and look look at the temperature its a balmy 22 degrees and windy. So what is the best way to spend the morning? Stay in bed? Lounge around the house and drink coffee? Of course not. The best thing is to head a couple of miles up the road to our free weekly 5k, the College Park, Parkrun. Why pick today for my first race in 6 months? Continue reading “5k Fun – Parkrun College park”

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The Rig

Those two little words.



Nothing else causes me more trouble in an obstacle race than the rig. No matter what race, Savage, Battlefrog (RIP) or Spartan, I have yet to complete one.

Why? At first I thought it was a physical problem, I blamed a lack of upper body strength, I blamed lack of grip strength, I blamed a shoulder injury, I blamed just about everything I could imagine and worked to overcome those problems; but in the end, my results were still the same.

Continue reading “The Rig”

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Vermont Spartan Beast – 2016 (Part 2)

If you want to recall the exploits from the first half of the race you can read them here Vermont Spartan Beast – 2016 (Part 1) otherwise we can just continue to the end.

We were heading to the bridge which would take us over Killington Road.

After crossing the bridge, the 2 1/2 hour warm up over and now the real race begins. . .

Luke and I are standing on the shore of the lake putting on our life vests before stepping out into the 60° degree water for the 200 yard swim to the rope ladder.  We had checked this out the night before and the water didn’t seem that cold.

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