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At the Surgeon

For the background on this, see my earlier post The Call.

As the Dr. entered the room, he looked at the image of Luke’s ankle on the computer screen and said exactly what I had been expecting:

“That looks bad. We definitely need to fix that!”

He then gave a complete description of what he saw in the x-ray (a fully displaced, medial malleolar fracture) and described the process of how it should be fixed (open reduction with internal fixation).   Continue reading “At the Surgeon”

Posted in Dad life, Injury, Life lessons, Musings, Rehabilitation

The Call (No Parent Wants to Get)

It was 7:18 on a rainy Thursday evening. I was sitting in a U-Haul truck outside of a friends house getting ready to move some furniture and my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw a number I didn’t recognize. My immediate reaction was:

“Another robocall, I wish they would stop.”

Then for some reason I decided to answer the call.

The voice on the other side said:

This is Officer (Name omitted) from the Hyattsville Police Department, I want to let you know your son is OK, he is awake, alert and responsive, can move all of his extremities and has a lot of scrapes and bruises. He was hit by a Jeep while riding his bicycle and is in the hospital emergency room for further evaluation. You might want to head over.

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