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Vermont Spartan Beast – Getting closer

Yesterday we got not only our start times, but our bib numbers were added in as well. The reality of this is finally starting to hit home. Tomorrow we are getting in the car and heading off to Killington!

I am going through all of the pre-race packing and sorting of gear. This is what I will be carrying on the course.


It looks like a lot of stuff and you know what? It is. When I need to prepare for 6+ hours out on the mountain, I would rather have bit too much than any amount too little. The only thing missing from the photo are my electrolyte tablets,which I need to get from REI in a couple of minutes.

In total, water and supplies are going to total up to about 8 lbs. Heavier than I would like, but there is nothing I can do about it. The only time it may be an issue is on the hanging upper-body obstacles like the monkey bars and the rigs. Other than that it is just 2-3 lbs heavier than what Luke and I would use when we ran at Sugarloaf, from a running/hiking standpoint it should be fine.

Next step pack the race gear!

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